The 2015 Silverdale Rotary Duck Race

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The Silverdale Rotary Duck Race


For 22 years the Rotary Club of Silverdale has sponsored the Silverdale Rotary Duck Race. A great opportunity for fun, community involvement and a great reason to spend the day at Whaling Days.

The Duck Race takes place at 3:00 pm on the Silverdale Waterfront. The race begins with a cage containing 20,000 racing rubber duckies being hoisted above the water. Each Duck has a specially designed adhesive sticker on their bottom which represents the numbers on our Adopt-A-Duck tickets.

At the hour of 3:00 the caged door is opened and the ducks plummet into the water. Racing toward a specially equipped floating boom the Ducks vie to be the first one into the "Winners Chute". Collected at the finish line in order of appearance the details are relayed to Duck Central and winnners are announced shortly after on the waterfront and this website.